Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My space

Hello everyone,

How are you? It's been a while I know but I've been a bit busy working on some new material for an album. Yes, that's right; an album. I'm releasing it on my own label 'Dunkirk records' (named out of respect for those who gave their lives) and hopefully getting it into your hands at some point in the next couple of months.

Someone else who I learn has an album coming out is Rod Stewart the singer. How do I know this? Because I've had an email off him. It all started when Candy signed me up to the My Space web page which helps record companies advertise their artists, or something. Anyway she asked Rob Stewart to be my friend and he said yes and called me a good man. Amazing. Anyway, this week I replied to him and here is my message:

'Hello there Rod,

How are you? I hope you're well. Sorry it's taken me a while to respond to your kind message calling me a good man, but it was appreciated. I've been called a lot in my life and career (most of it has been accompanied by a missile of some sort) but that is one of the nicest things.

How have you been? Working hard or taking it easy? I should imagine that you find it quite difficult to relax whereas I've had a good deal of my life to relax due to the legal action from my ex-manager and band-mates.

I wonder, how much of this technical stuff do you actually do? My wife (like you I have opted for a newer model of late) sets all of this business up for me and I just type the messages and that. Do you have someone to help you when you get confused?

Anyway, you must be very busy and I won't keep you too long.

Best wishes Rod. You are a good nam too.

Danny x'

I think I sound pretty cool, don't you? Next time I'll publish Rod's response.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Not my day.

I'be just read my last post back and realised there is something bery wrong with my keyboard. Sorry again.


Hello eberyone. I don't know why I say eberyone when the only people that biew this blog are me and my solicitor. It's bery difficult to get geared up for a big comeback if I can't eben get people to read a hundred words a week. What I should habe said is "Hello both of you".

Sorry I sound so down but I'be been lying to Candy since last Wednesday. Unbeknownst to her I'be been working at a telephone call centre in Croydon. Beliebe me I don't want to do it but I'm in real danger of losing the will to libe if I don't habe some money, eben if it's just a pittance. I need to make sure the taxman doesn't find out otherwise I could end up in prison. It's probably for the best that no one is reading this then! Ha Ha!

The call centre is okay but it's pretty aggrabating working with people that weren't eben alibe when I was last on 'The Chart Show'. They really think they know it all, constantly going on about their next audition and their "good bibes" about their record deal. I'd like to see tham in thirty years time when they're on their butts wondering how they can afford to keep their poxy Bauxhall Bectra going!... see how "wicked" they're feeling then. Do I sound bery bitter? Apologies. It's just a rut. Peaks and troughs, Danny... peaks and troughs.

No news on the gig front. Sorry.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Someone cares...

Hello all. I've just returned from a quick trip abroad. Auchan at Calais had Stella at 24 for the price of 20. I gor back to a marvellous e-mail from a generous woman in the colonies who wants to help out. Watch this space.

"Hi Danny,

I was looking for a contact address for Mike Nolan (ex Bucks Fizz) and I accidently got sent to your site.

I live in Australia and have never heard of you but feel for you. I have had a stalker for a few months who is trying to destroy my reputation and career because I hired an author called HB Marcus for my team. I maybe sued over something said stalker wrote on a website under my name when they hacked into my computer.

I now have a new computer, new everything so it has helped somewhat. If people start on you, go into damage control and try and salvage your reputation. Can you put an ISP tracker on people who comment on your blog so their ISP number shows up?

May I ask, in short, who did exactly what to you?

I maybe able to help your career somewhat in a couple of months. I have been asked to go as asquisitions manager for a new American company who will create soundtracks for motion picture movie soundtracks. Once he gets his finger out, I can give you an address to send cds and information to. You will still own your full rights to the songs if chosen. I would like to help Mike out too.......Just don't know how to contact him.

One thing you may like to consider is going into doing voiceovers for ads, movies, animations etc. Good money!

Best wishes,

Name and address supplied."

See? Brilliant, eh?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Difficult times

Hello there. Funny old times we're living in, eh? Riots and death threats because of some silly cartoons. Mr Bush stopping Al Qaeda flying a plane into a library. New animals being made in the jungle. It's all going on and yet I still can't get a flipping break. I have had precisely no luck at all. Nothing. Actually that isn't true: Candy let me touch them last night and she looked at my member for a little while as well... It's not much but it's a great leap forward from the drought of September 2004-December 2005. I believe that my angst is starting to manifest itself in my music; things are getting dark. Radiohead look out! One of my new demos is the sound of me swearing out loud whilst a guitar twangs really loudly in the background. It's really good but I think I should cut out some of the bad language. And the guitar.

Someone from John Gaunt's radio programme called up to ask if I'd take part in a phone-in on late-stage abortions and the woman's right-to-choose. I think they had the wrong person. I would've done it bu they never got back to me. i'm also thinking of giving up on 'Buzzcocks'. Yeah, my new target is 'The Friday Night Project'. That would be briliant.

Monday, January 30, 2006


If you're going to leave messages on here DON'T leave them anonymously. Since Andrew King's book I have been extremely wary of anonymous comments and the people that leave them. Or the people that publish them. On the plus side, I spoke to the News Shopper and providing they don't get Jodie Marsh or Chantelle I'm in.

Sorry I was bad-tempered just now. Andrew King's book (I can't bear to refer to it by it's name) was so cruel that it still leaves an imprint to this day. What I never understood is how he got to find out so much about waht went on in the "inner sanctum" of Lipp HQ. As Jasper always says: "Trust nobody, Danny Boy. Nobody." Hmmmm...


We've had a cease and desist notice from Alan Sugar's company Amstrad. It tells us to stop playing 'The Amstrad Touch' or risk being sued. Considering the average attendance at my gigs has been roughly eleven over the last ten years I wonder if his lawyers might have something better to do. I might see if re-naming it appeases them; 'The Apple Touch' seems risky but trendy. It does sound a bit weird though. Like a pervert greengrocer.

I'm hoping to get into the Primetime section of the News Shopper. I'll ring them later.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I hope this works:

I sent this e-mail earlier. I hope they can help. Here it is:

Hello Mr Gervais and Mr Merchant,

I've tried to contact you through the messageboards at the Guardian
website and my manager insists he's done some phoning around, but to
no avail. You might recognise my name; I was the lead
singer/songwriter/guitar player in various bands in the 1970's, 80's
and 90's, most notably The Dulcet Lads and Lipps & Co. After my recent
legal problems I am trying to get back on the map and feel a
collaboration with you chaps may be the springback I'm looking for.
I've done a course on acting for the camera at Rye Community College
and are currently on a shortlist for an advert on the television
(although I haven't heard anything from them since November). With all
of this in mind is there a chance you might consider me for a role in
the new series of 'The Extra'. I could play myself and you could take
the mickey out of my famous run-in with Mike Reid on Saturday
Superstore. Bastard.

If you can't see your way to giving me a part then maybe I could do a
song for the programme. I've got a new one which is just as miserable
as the one you've got now. It's called 'The Bricklayer's Arms' and
could become really popular, especially if it's covered by someone
else. I could also do an upbeat one. Or if you shoot a scene in a
disco I could do one for that. Maybe one of my old hits.

I know you must get loads of people writing to you like this (I know
Mike Nolan of Bucks Fizz was going to give you a call) and I
appreciate that you can't give everyone a part, but I could really do
with a lift. If you can't help me get on your programme then maybe you
might know someone from 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' or 'I'm a
Celebrity, get me out of it' that could sort me out. Eh?

Thanks for reading this e-mail and good luck with the future.


Danny Lipp of Lipps & Co (2)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Muck soup

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a good time. Candy came back yesterday afternoon and seemed really upbeat. I'm hoping all that talk of a divorce that cast a cloud over the Autumn has finally passed. She's been in her room since yesterday evening, but as long as I know she's safe and sound then all's well that ends well. Christmas was very productive in terms of songwriting; I reckon I've got a dead cert top ten hit in the bag with my newest one. It's a bit of a heartbreaker about a fella who loses his wife to a builder and finds solace in the pub. It's called 'The Bricklayer's Arms' and I really do think, with the right national tragedy, it could be a number one. Fingers crossed, eh?

I phoned into a radio station phone-in on Sunday night about bands that you'd like to see make a comeback. I mentioned Lipps & Co and the DJ hadn't heard of us. I even used my real name. Nothing. Not a dicky bird. I despair sometimes. No Danny! That's the wrong attitude... 2006 is gonna be a good one. You're gonna meet Phil Jupitus, you're gonna play a festival (V? Here's hoping!) and CD:UK isn't beyond the realms of reality. Is it?