Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Muck soup

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a good time. Candy came back yesterday afternoon and seemed really upbeat. I'm hoping all that talk of a divorce that cast a cloud over the Autumn has finally passed. She's been in her room since yesterday evening, but as long as I know she's safe and sound then all's well that ends well. Christmas was very productive in terms of songwriting; I reckon I've got a dead cert top ten hit in the bag with my newest one. It's a bit of a heartbreaker about a fella who loses his wife to a builder and finds solace in the pub. It's called 'The Bricklayer's Arms' and I really do think, with the right national tragedy, it could be a number one. Fingers crossed, eh?

I phoned into a radio station phone-in on Sunday night about bands that you'd like to see make a comeback. I mentioned Lipps & Co and the DJ hadn't heard of us. I even used my real name. Nothing. Not a dicky bird. I despair sometimes. No Danny! That's the wrong attitude... 2006 is gonna be a good one. You're gonna meet Phil Jupitus, you're gonna play a festival (V? Here's hoping!) and CD:UK isn't beyond the realms of reality. Is it?


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