Monday, February 20, 2006

Someone cares...

Hello all. I've just returned from a quick trip abroad. Auchan at Calais had Stella at 24 for the price of 20. I gor back to a marvellous e-mail from a generous woman in the colonies who wants to help out. Watch this space.

"Hi Danny,

I was looking for a contact address for Mike Nolan (ex Bucks Fizz) and I accidently got sent to your site.

I live in Australia and have never heard of you but feel for you. I have had a stalker for a few months who is trying to destroy my reputation and career because I hired an author called HB Marcus for my team. I maybe sued over something said stalker wrote on a website under my name when they hacked into my computer.

I now have a new computer, new everything so it has helped somewhat. If people start on you, go into damage control and try and salvage your reputation. Can you put an ISP tracker on people who comment on your blog so their ISP number shows up?

May I ask, in short, who did exactly what to you?

I maybe able to help your career somewhat in a couple of months. I have been asked to go as asquisitions manager for a new American company who will create soundtracks for motion picture movie soundtracks. Once he gets his finger out, I can give you an address to send cds and information to. You will still own your full rights to the songs if chosen. I would like to help Mike out too.......Just don't know how to contact him.

One thing you may like to consider is going into doing voiceovers for ads, movies, animations etc. Good money!

Best wishes,

Name and address supplied."

See? Brilliant, eh?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Difficult times

Hello there. Funny old times we're living in, eh? Riots and death threats because of some silly cartoons. Mr Bush stopping Al Qaeda flying a plane into a library. New animals being made in the jungle. It's all going on and yet I still can't get a flipping break. I have had precisely no luck at all. Nothing. Actually that isn't true: Candy let me touch them last night and she looked at my member for a little while as well... It's not much but it's a great leap forward from the drought of September 2004-December 2005. I believe that my angst is starting to manifest itself in my music; things are getting dark. Radiohead look out! One of my new demos is the sound of me swearing out loud whilst a guitar twangs really loudly in the background. It's really good but I think I should cut out some of the bad language. And the guitar.

Someone from John Gaunt's radio programme called up to ask if I'd take part in a phone-in on late-stage abortions and the woman's right-to-choose. I think they had the wrong person. I would've done it bu they never got back to me. i'm also thinking of giving up on 'Buzzcocks'. Yeah, my new target is 'The Friday Night Project'. That would be briliant.