Friday, February 10, 2006

Difficult times

Hello there. Funny old times we're living in, eh? Riots and death threats because of some silly cartoons. Mr Bush stopping Al Qaeda flying a plane into a library. New animals being made in the jungle. It's all going on and yet I still can't get a flipping break. I have had precisely no luck at all. Nothing. Actually that isn't true: Candy let me touch them last night and she looked at my member for a little while as well... It's not much but it's a great leap forward from the drought of September 2004-December 2005. I believe that my angst is starting to manifest itself in my music; things are getting dark. Radiohead look out! One of my new demos is the sound of me swearing out loud whilst a guitar twangs really loudly in the background. It's really good but I think I should cut out some of the bad language. And the guitar.

Someone from John Gaunt's radio programme called up to ask if I'd take part in a phone-in on late-stage abortions and the woman's right-to-choose. I think they had the wrong person. I would've done it bu they never got back to me. i'm also thinking of giving up on 'Buzzcocks'. Yeah, my new target is 'The Friday Night Project'. That would be briliant.


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